Intelligent Franchising Solutions for Franchisors and Multi-Unit Franchisees



Franchise Start Ups

We have successfully worked with and in many startup companies who used the franchise business model to grow. Understanding what needs to be done, the costs associated with that and having the right professionals involved is critical.

Many times emerging franchisors don’t realize what needs to be done before you begin franchising such as registering your trademarks, having an experienced lawyer complete your franchise disclosure document (FDD), and preparing well-written operations manuals and training program with clearly defined standards & procedures.  

The list goes on, however we have the expertise and resources to help put a plan together and get the work completed. And honestly, while it is a lot of work, it is a lot of fun creating this new franchise business!

Unit Level Economics

The success in franchising starts and stops with unit level economics. The ability to raise money or receive meaningful value in a transition is dependent on strong unit level economics. The success of every franchisor is dependent on the success of their franchisees. 

The culture in your company regarding unit level economics is tantamount to the success of the entire organization. Understanding the key drivers of how your business model makes money, knowing the financial health of every franchisee and a support team that can provide meaningful consultation is of utmost importance, it all has to start at the top.


Strategic Advisory

We provide 0n-site executive level support to assist current owners and senior level management on strategies and tactics to move the business to the next level. Whether this is to improve the current situation or prepare for the next level of expansion we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to get it done.

A current and up to date brand strategy will establish the framework for your annual business planning, goals and objectives. Periodically it is important to understand how your customers view you, re-evaluate what things you should be focused on, and ensure that all areas of the business are correctly aligned with the strategic direction of the brand.

It is no accident why certain brands are successful and others are not. Having clear and concise strategies that tie back to the brand architecture with organizational alignment is important. We can help you with an assessment of how your current brand strategy, determine is there a need to conduct a brand architecture study and put together a new strategic plan.

Value Enhancement & Franchise Turnaround

Franintell will help you build franchise value by providing the talent needed to address needs in brand strategy, development, operations, finance, technology and capital. Use us to add new levels of knowledge and sophistication to your franchise system. We work on an outsource and consulting basis, so you buy only the skill and support you need.

The term "turnaround" evokes such a variety of challenges. But indicators include flat or eroding units, declining revenue, elusive growth, struggling unit economics, a flattening or diminishing of cash. Our approach to helping you starts with a triage of the historic and current operations and performance to identify challenges to success.


Capital Formations & Transitions

Things change. At some point all businesses and people experience transitions that require a reconsideration of capital investment. Perhaps funds are needed to re-position a brand or expand your multi-unit operations to add new franchisees and locations. Or it’s time to take some personal money off the table and bring in a seasoned partner to “go to the next level.” Then again maybe it is just time to sell, preferably to someone who sees the strategic advantages of your brand or assembled franchisees. With revised thought today about forms and sources of capital, you have the option many times to consider a range of equity and debt alternatives.

We help owners identify the range of solutions to their capital needs. Our exit strategy advisory services will identify current values as viewed by alternate players, markets, types of capital, amounts, and value enhancement opportunities. You will have a game plan to get you and your brand or MUF from today to where you want to be. And through one of our affiliates, a member of a registered broker-dealer, our seasoned team members are available to locate the capital, partners, buyers, or sellers.

International Expansion

Our experience and expertise having done business on six continents in over 40 countries offers a unique perspective in determining what the right approach is for you in taking your business internationally. Taking your brand overseas is an exciting opportunity but one that should be thoroughly thought out.

Remember, you are not in the United States anymore and business conditions vary by country, region and city in which you locate. Finding the right partners that our well capitalized and well connected in the business community is key.